The Product Mart

The Product Mart was developed in recognition of the need for a digital platform that directly connects customers seeking quality goods and services to Caribbean businesses offering these products and services and to Caribbean banks offering financing.

Developed to leverage existing banking and loan financing platforms, financial institutions using the Product Mart are able fast and easily offer directly to their account holders:

  • Quality products and services;
  • Specialized product/service packages;   
  • Tailored financing options.

Some Key Features

The Product Mart takes ‘Amazon-Approach’ to financial products by allowing the financial institution to cross-sell a number of products even products not typically found in a financial institution’s portfolio.

Some of the products you can cross-sell to your accountholders are:

  • Retail Banking Products (credit cards, debit cards, etc.)
  • Investment Products  (Fund Management, Wealth Builders, Portfolio Planning  services, etc)
  • Stock products (stock prices, historical sales, company research, basic info, all pulling directly from the JSE)
  • Non-banking products (vehicles, real estate, select electronics etc.)
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