What is the MaxHub?

The MAXHUB is a gigantic, android tablet equipped with a whiteboard, presentation, built in video conferencing features, split screen, and other collaborative features. MAXHUB is breaking the barriers of conventional meetings and co-operation.

MAXHUB is designed to create easier, more intelligent and productive conference experiences for users, and boost the creativity of team work.

MAXHUB wirelessly connects multiple users and multiple devices that created a unique collaborative experience.

Whiteboard Features

Whiteboard Pens
Three (3) pens for writing are provided
Erase All
Erase as required by highlighting or using “Clear All”
Undo & Redo erased work
Move/reposition words or images to any desired space on the screen
Share Notes
Share notes made with team members via email from the panel
Write in various colors and at varying degrees of thickness
Zoom screen as needed for greater visibility
Collaborate while making notes, two users able to use the board at a time
Insert Images
Insert images to the whiteboard screen. Make notes on them as desired
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