The UTECH School of Computing and Information Technology(SCIT) has been privileged to start a new community service project as of January 2019 with INNOVATE 10X an innovation hub company that focuses on financial technology, real estate technologies, agriculture technologies, smart office technologies, and retail technologies.

Dr. Sean Thorpe, Head of SCIT expressed delight “that this community service partnership with INNOVATE 10X is geared at providing industry furloughs for the academic staff and students through live work related curriculum integration experiences as a part of a Teaching and Learning outcome. Our goal in SCIT is to drive new corporate social projects that can benefit the public and our efforts of partnerships like these only help the school to remain timely, relevant and visible in this regard.”

Mr. Sheldon Powe CEO of INNOVATE “contends that he is happy to start a service project partnership with UTECH SCIT considering the school’s long standing good reputation with other local entities in this regard. To him this means UTECH is fulfilling its national agenda on producing technology talent for the relevant markets.”

Dr. Thorpe outlines that under this new service partnership with INNOVATE 10x “SCIT staff, students and INNOVATE 10X team members will explore the opportunities for engagement in technology for social good INDUSTRY 4.0 and INDUSTRY 5.0 led initiatives using Internet of Things(IOT), Machine Learning, human intelligent interaction systems, and Agile Software development. The approach is to ensure we use the newer technology frameworks to enable the ideas applied within these service projects. The first pitch event under the service initiative is intended for March 29 2019. I am particularly excited that our foray into social good projects at this scale will only serve to continuously improve our talent development efforts here at SCIT.”

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